Rooberoo Mansion is a cultural hub founded in 2016 located in Tehran, Iran. Established in one of the oldest mansions in the Vali-asr District in central Tehran, Rooberoo Mansion is active in the fields of visual, performing and Musical Arts. It is dedicated to creating a space for artists from all over the world to perform and interact with each other and to provide a working space for cross-cultural experiences to take place. With the goal of activities in the field of contemporary art, it also focuses a lot of attention on education and international relations. Rooberoo Mansion also hosts concerts, lectures, workshops, and exhibitions. The mansion’s space includes a Gallery, a performing platform, a bookstore, a local handicraft shop and a Cafe which gives the visitors a chance to spend more time in the mansion’s atmosphere. The name »Rooberoo›› translates into »face to face» because the Mansion is based on the belief that it is important for artists from all over the world with different cultures to interact and dialogue with each other, in hopes of evolving and creating a better
future. Rooberoo Mansion considers itself a space for encountering with new ideas, and an atmosphere, which encourages thinking out of the box and creating a context for the birth of new ways of thinking and questioning former ideologies. Rooberoo Mansion has always dedicated a lot of attention to theoretical concepts and maintained this concern throughout its period of activity. Correspondingly discussion panels in the field of Philosophy, specifically Dialectic and Hermeneutic take place regularly at the Mansion, in an effort to aid us in comprehending the world with a philosophical-hermeneutic approach and actively observing and analyzing ourselves as individuals and as a society. Art education has also been a special area of interest at the Mansion and a series of discussion panels and seminars concerning the Pathology of Art Education and the proper ways of training that should be taken into consideration were among the programs of the Mansion in this field.
The Mansion appreciates activities that broaden our perspective and remind us to see things through other eyes. We are firmly convinced that in order to better understand any phenomenon, this phenomenon should be viewed from different perspectives and any absolute and judgmental view must be avoided. Consequently, experiences that broaden our horizons and provoke us to reflect on new perspectives are encouraged, in contrast to maintaining traditional, secure and assured previous ways of thinking.